Go To My Head is a web application to quickly locate music charts in the various “fake” books: The Real Book, The New Real Book, etc.

There are apps that try to manage all this for you, from $20+ Apps to free Linux-based DIY tools. These might be great, but to be honest, they were too much trouble for me. I trust the tools (paper books), and was looking for something that would speed me along at a gig– supplement, not replace my workflow.

They are similar to web pages that provide a search engine:

These are great, but impractical to use in the midst of a gig. I thought I could do this.

Go To My Head attempts to be a low-friction tool you can organically add to your “gig workflow”.

This includes:

  • working well on modern mobile devices, with varied screen sizes
  • work well with low-fi or no internet connectivity
  • as simple as possible, so it will work well in the midst of a gig
  • as fast as possible
  • a little bit of visual appeal

I am working on making this a “progressive web app”, and on most devices, you should be able to bookmark the site, and it will work without an internet connection.


I started with an index from the “realbook splitter”. This has quite a few mistakes, so I may migrate to another data set. Also, if you want some other books, feel free to send me the index or point me to it. (Or if you want me to develop software tailed to your workflow, hit me up.)

So far, I have invested just a few hours, and am interested in feedback if this is useful to anyone else. Just write to me at andy@ndpsoftware.com.


  • I took the index from a project called The Real Book Splitter
  • I used one icon from The Noun Project
  • I use the Impact Label font from Michael Tension
  • I use Apache Licensed Just Another Hand and Special Elite fonts.
  • All the other photos, graphics and code is original by Andrew Peterson, NDP Software.

Copyright (c) 2023 Andrew J Peterson. NDP Software. All Rights Reserved.